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Hondo Case - Legal Issues Regulatory Mexico involved...

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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 DF 20 April 2010 Hondo Case 1. Owners- Bill (EPA costing them money, relocate), Employees- George/ Hondo people (Keep their jobs, follow laws), Society- EPA (environment), Mexico (potential employees) 2. S/C-Bill- Legitimacy (Owner) Power? (Broke EPA rules but foreign=no rules) Urgency (relocating) S-George- Legitimacy (legal-fiduciary) Power (no, can’t do anything) Urgency (relocating vs jobs) CORE -EPA- Legitimacy (legal-reg) Power (yes) Urgency (Yes) Secondary-Hondo-Legitimacy (Moral Right), Power (No), Urgency (No) Secondary-Mexico-Legitimacy (interest), power (no), Urgency (?) 3. Economic issues- capital/money
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Unformatted text preview: Legal Issues- Regulatory? Mexico involved indirectly Ethical-Truth vs. Loyalty, Hiding Info, Lying 4. Business Processes- Managing Human Capital, Creating value-output=pollution 5. George should keep the plant in Hondo for two reasons. The first main reason is that it will keep jobs in Hondo which helps the economy. The second main reason is that if the plant were to be moved to Mexico there would be no market for the improvement of technology and there would still be a pollution problem. The air will be more polluted if anything and there would be a loss in jobs in America....
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