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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 11 February 2010 Maiden Mills Case 1. Owners- Aaron Feuerstein(CEO), GE, Finova Capital, SAI Investment, Pilgrim Investment, LaSalle Bank, PNC Bank, and Ex-Im Bank. Customers- LL Bean, Patagonia, Lands’ End, Eddie Bauer, US Military, QVC, Department of Defense Employees- Maiden Mills Employees 2. Aaron Feuerstein (CEO)- Money Loss, Job Loss, Out of Business GE, Finova Capital, SAI Investment, Pilgrim Investment, LaSalle Bank, PNC Bank- Company goes out of business Ex-Im Bank- Aaron Feuerstein does not produce what he promises. Customers- Have to get their supplies from somebody else. Employees of Maiden Mills lose their jobs.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The economical issues all involve money, there are no ethical issues and no legal issues. 4. I believe that Mr. Feuerstein did not focus too much on benevolence because his company will benefit in the long-run being able to compete with oversea markets with the state of the art plants. The workers have benefited which allows the United States to benefit as a whole as well. 5. Freidman would agree with Feuerstein because Feuerstein identified and took actions on behalf of all the stake holders not just the owners of the companies. The owners were benefited when everyone else is taken care of....
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