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McDonald Case - 4 The economic issues here are money the...

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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 24 February 2010 Homework #7 1. Primary Stakeholders- Owners-McDonalds, Customers- Liebeck Family- Reed Morgan (lawyer), society-jurors 2. Stakes- McDonalds will lose money, Liebeck wants retributions for wages and injuries, and Morgan wants money. 3. The core stake holder group is the Liebeck family. They have power with Reed Morgan, urgency because they want retributions and Legitimacy because of Legal rights (tort law).
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The economic issues here are money, the legal issue is tort law and fiduciary law (lawyer), and the ethic issues are not prevalent. 5. The supporting arguments for McDonalds are that the coffee is hot, one in 24 million people have complained, and Liebeck didn’t make an attempt to escape the coffee. The supporting arguments for Liebeck are that McDonald’s does not care about consumer safety....
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