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Patrick Hill Bus 101 Mr. Rollins 13 April 2010 NASA 1. Morton Thiokol,INC-Supplier, NASA-Customer, Christa McAuliffe-Teacher-NASA, Allan McDonald and Roger Boisjoly-Engineer-Morton Thiokol, Bob Lund-Morton Thiokol VP, Society of Automotive Engineers-Society, Joe Kilminister-Manager-Thiokol OWNER, Charles Locke CEO of Thiokiol OWNER 2. Profit-Morton Thiokil (Charles Locke, Joe Kilminister, Bob Lund), Reliable product- NASA, Allan McDonald and Toger Boisjoly 3. NASA- Legal right-TORT, Power-Y, Urgency-Y (CORE), Allan McDonald and Roger Boisjoly-Legal right-Fiducary, Power-Yes, Urgency-Y (CORE),Bob Lund/Charles
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Unformatted text preview: Locke/Joe Kilminister-Legal right-Owner, Power-Yes, Urgency-No (Strat) 4. Both-Econ- None, Legal- Tort Law, Fiduciary Law, Ethical-Truth vs. Loyalty, Hiding information 5. Acquiring Customers-product, Managing Human Resources- Managers directing engineers. 6. I would have pressed management to delay the launch until the temperature raised to the acceptable temperature range. 7. Creating Value is impacted by the supply of the O-Rings. The O-rings are used for creating the shuttle. 8. Morton Thiokol is morally responsible for the deaths because they failed in their duty to help them....
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