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Patrick Hill Mr. Rollins Business 101 17 March 2010 Peter Oiler Case 1, 2. The Owners include Winn Dixie. The employees include Peter Oiler-Ken Choe (American Civil Liberties Union attorney), Greg Miles, and the Winn Dixie managers who had meetings with Mr. Oiler. 3. The Core Stakeholders are Peter Oiler, Winn Dixie, and Greg Miles/Winn Dixie supervisor. There are no strategic or secondary stakeholders. 4. The economic issues only affect Peter Oiler because he wants to keep his job, which is his main source of money. The legal issues include regulatory laws (sex discrimination) and fiduciary laws (Oiler giving the company a good reputation). The two ethical issues include personal decadence and conflict of interest (conflict between the stakeholder
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Unformatted text preview: groups). 5. To terminate an employee for after work hours an employee must: commit a significant crime, intentionally tarnish the company’s reputation, or is detrimental to the company’s physical well being (financially). 6. I would follow the policy put in place by the company then I would talk to upper management about terminating a valued employee for his personal life. He is a truck driver he does not hold the image of the company as much as the upper management. 7. If Peter Oiler committed the “crime” in New Orleans, then he should be terminated because he did not follow the rules laid down by the State of Louisiana, regardless if the is ethical or not....
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