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Employee-Supplier-Product Liability

Employee-Supplier-Product Liability - like the “Fair...

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You might be an Employee if: You are hired by the company for long term employment and can be fired (no termination date set on hiring). You are protected by regulatory hiring and firing laws. You regularly get benefits (vacation, sick days, health care, retirement plan, etc.) from the company because this is your main job. EXCEPTION: Executives Officer hired by the company's Board of Directors CEO (President), CFO (VP Finance), CMO (VP Marketing), COO (VP Operations), CHRO (VP Human Resources) Considered an agent of the Owners and therefore included in the Owner stakeholder group.
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You might be a Supplier if: You get DON’T get health/retirement/vacation benefits from the central company in the case. Someone else (possibly you) provides benefits. You were not hired to become part of the company, but signed a contract with the central company in the case that sets the terms of the product or service you will provide to the company. Exception: if you are working on behalf of the supplier or suppliers employees
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Unformatted text preview: like the “Fair Labor Association” in Nike ( no contracts in this case ). You provide products or services as inputs to the central company in the case to operate their business . Examples: Parts supplier, Advertising Agency, Marketing Research Firms, Headhunters, Banks making loans, a shipping company. Primer on Product Liability (p.122-125). Any questions? Express warranty Contract law – promise of performance (both manufacturer and reseller) Implied warranty Fit for the ordinary purpose for which goods of this description are used. (Manufacturer) Implied warranty for specific purpose (Re-seller). Tort liability Product in a defective condition that makes it unreasonably dangerous (defect can be in lack of directions/warnings). Strict tort liability All companies associated with the design, production, and sale of defective products have responsibility for damages and injuries caused by that product....
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Employee-Supplier-Product Liability - like the “Fair...

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