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BUS 101 Course Wrap Up Slides_1 - Customers-Tort-Anti...

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BUS 101 Course Wrap Up Slides
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Manage Human Capital Create Value Acquire Financial Capital Acquire Customers Suppliers Customers Employees Owners
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Diff. Process Layout Job Shop or Batch Case Analysis 1. Who 2. What 3. Prioritize (LPU) 4. Perspectives ($, Leg, Eth) 5. Bus. Process (Fin, Mkt, HR, Ops) Critical Thinking 1. Confused 2. Biased 3. Analyzer [Multiple Perspectives] 4. Pragmatic [Make a decision] 5. Stat Rev. [Negotiate] Business Ethics - Not Just About Me - Implications of Actions Is it Legal? Is it Fair / Balanced? How will I feel? “The Big 12” Legal - Fiduciary - Tort - Regulatory - Contract INTERNATIONAL NOT THE SAME! Owners - Sole Prop - Partnership - Gen & Limited - Corporation Adv. Approaches 1. Strategic 2. Multi-Fiduciary 3. Synthesis Milton Friedman 2. Ed Freeman B.O.D. Unlimited Liability Limited Liability Acq. Fin. Cap. - SOX - Debt v Equity - Fin. Stmts. - Bal. Sheet - Income Stmt - Cash Stmt
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Unformatted text preview: Customers-Tort-Anti Trust-B2B / B2C Acq. Customers 4Ps <= 4Cs Prod / Ps & Serv Sales / Marketing Value = +Ben/Cost Product Lifecycle Man. Human Cap. Retention Strategic Advocate Admin Hire / Fire / Manage Employees Fiduciary At Will Doc: 3 exceptions Civil Rights Due Process Suppliers-Contract Creating Value Transform Inputs Reduce Costs Ops v. Supply Chain Make v. Buy Strategic Hierarchy 1. Corp Strategy 2. Bus Strategy 3. Functional Strategy • Ops: Structural • Infrastructural • Technology Society Environment Potential Emp. Last Resort BUS 101 Course Summary Cost Product Layout Ass. Line or Continuous Focus Could be either Product or Process Layout depending on strategy in the niche Bus Strategies & Layout Critical Thinking Is the ability to turn Answers into questions...
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BUS 101 Course Wrap Up Slides_1 - Customers-Tort-Anti...

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