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Instructions for Review

Instructions for Review - Definitions 1 Open your...

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Definitions 1. Open your PhotoShoots.accdb file. 2. The Security Warning will appear. Select Options and then Enable Content. 3. Open AccessDefinitions table. 4. Complete the definitions for the terms listed (the first one has been done as an example). 5. Close the AccessDefinitions table. 6. Refer to the Introduction to Access slides for answers to the terms. The Introduction to Access slides are available on the Daily Assignment slides on the portal. Tutorial 1 Review 1. Create a simple Form for the Contract table. Save the form as ContractInfo . Close the form. 2. Create a simple Report based on the Contract table. Save the report as Contracts . Close the report. 3. Refer to the Check Your Work slides for Day 34 (L:\ drive) for images of the Report and Form. Tutorial 2 Review 1. Use Design view to create a table using the table design shown below. Field NameData Type Description Field Size Other Properties ShootID Number Primary key Long integer Decimal Places: 0 ShootType Text 2 ShootTime Date/Time Format: Medium Time Duration Number # of hours Single Contact Text person who booked shoot 30 Location Text 30 ShootDate Date/Time Format: Medium Date ReferredBy Text 10 ContractID Number Foreign key Integer Decimal Places: 0 2. 3. Specify ShootID as the primary key, and then save the table as Shoot .
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4. Add the records shown below to the Shoot table. ShootI D ShootTyp e ShootTim e Duratio n Contact Locatio n ShootDat e ReferredB y ContractI D 927032 AP 4:00 PM 3.5 Enter Your Name Elm Lodge 3/27/06 Susan 2412 103031 HP 9:00 AM 3.5 Enter Your Instructor' s Name Client's home 1/15/06 John 2611 5. Be careful entering the values for ShootID and ContractID, the primary and foreign keys. Typographical errors here will result in the referential integrity type of relationship error. 6. A database named Events contains a table with shoot data named ShootEvents . The Shoot table you created has the same format as the ShootEvents table. Copy all the records from the ShootEvents table in the Events.accdb file located in your uniqueID_148Exam3_ReviewFiles folder to the end of the Shoot table in your PhotoShoots database. (Tip: When Copying records from an external table, you MUST open the external database (Events.accdb), and then open the appropriate table. Refer to AC 19-21 to understand this method.) 7. Modify the structure of the Shoot table by completing the following: a. Delete the ReferredBy field. b. Move the ShootDate field so that it appears between the ShootType and the ShootTime fields. 8. Save the revised table structure, switch to Datasheet view, and then resize all columns in the datasheet for the Shoot table to their best fit. 9. Use the Shoot datasheet to update the database as follows: a. For ShootID 421032, change the ShootTime value from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and change the Location value from New Opus Restaurant to Le Bistro.
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Instructions for Review - Definitions 1 Open your...

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