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Unformatted text preview: PGE337 Introduction to Geostatistics Homework # 1 Solution Key Due: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 by 5 pm 1. (10 pts) Based on weather records collected since 1929, a metereologist predicts the average daytime temperature in Austin in September this year to be 86.0 oC. What is his stationarity decision? Do you agree? The decision of stationarity is that the relationship between the weather conditions and daytime temperature from 1929 till date has been the same. This assumption does not take into account trends that could have occurred in this time frame such as global warming. Do you agree? There can be two answers to this. Either you agree because in the absence of a model to account for such trends, this is the best assumption to make or you don’t agree and must state that you’ll use a model that accounts for such trend to correct historical day-time temperature models/data. 2. (10 pts) In order to come up with development plans fo r a reservoir in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, a team of geoscientists rely on geological information from an outcrop analog in West Texas. Explain how the team is employing the decision of stationarity to proceed with the development plans? There are 3 decisions of stationarity here viz: That West Texas geology is same as Gulf Onshore geology is same as deepwater What is seen from the outcrop (it’s geology) is same at the subsurface (e.g Walther’s law) 3. (15 pts) Let a. EF = {7} b. = {1,3,4,5,7} C c. EG = {3,5,7} d. = {1,3,4,5} e. = {4,6} f. = {1,4} , , , . Find 4. (15 pts) Use Venn diagrams or any other methods to derive expressions for: a. b. c. d. e. 5. (20 pts) Prove the distributive law of probability spaces using Venn diagrams. 6. (30 pts) DeMorgan’s laws of probability spaces are stated as: a. b. Prove DeMorgan’s law using Venn diagrams. Can you think of a physical example to illustrate either one of DeMorgan’s laws. Physical example to illustrate : Thus, If a well is not producing oil or gas, then the well is not producing oil and not producing gas. (complement) (union of A & B) (complement of A) (intersection) (complement of B). ...
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