Management Homework 1 - Chapter 1

Management Homework 1 - Chapter 1 - Management Homework 1...

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Management Homework 1 1. Kelly, a production supervisor, is responsible for 10 employees who assemble components into a finished product that is sold to distributors. Kelly reports to Ben, a production manager, who in turn reports to Dan, a general manager, who reports to McKenna, a vice president of operations. Recently, McKenna asked Dan to have a meeting with Kelly and Ben regarding some customer concerns in the production area. The focus of the meeting was to judge the validity of the customer concerns, and to develop a specific plan to address these concerns. Kelly is considered to be what level of management? 1. top manager 2. Superintendent of assembly 3. Middle manager 4. First-line manager 2. Management is needed in all types and sizes of organizations, at all organizational levels and in all organizational work areas, and in all organizations, no matter where they are located. This principle is known as the ________. 1. impartiality of management 2. Neutrality of management 3. universality of management 4. Reality of management 3. An automobile manufacturer increased the total number of cars produced keeping the production cost the same. The manufacturer ________. 1. increased its equity 2. Increased its efficiency 3. Increased its effectiveness 4. Increased its effability 4. J oe the Manager (Scenario) As a production supervisor, Joe decides on Friday afternoon how many units of output his employees should produce. He also decides which employee will operate which machine. On Monday, he informs his employees of their assignments to specific machines by handing out assignment sheets. He tells the employees that the schedule is going
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Management Homework 1 - Chapter 1 - Management Homework 1...

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