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Management Homework 2 - Chapter 2

Management Homework 2 - Chapter 2 - Homework 2 1 Which of...

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Homework 2 1. Which of the following is most likely to have a highly spiritual organizational culture? Answer a highly aggressive, competitive business a company with high tolerance of employee expression a business that focuses strictly on outcomes a business that emphasizes centralized control 2. Mary has been asked by the company president to change the organizational culture to reflect the company's new organizational goals. As executive vice president, she certainly understands the goals, but is really not sure that she understands what to do about the culture. Mary asked employees if they knew what constituted "good employee behavior." She found that very few understood, and most had a variety of ideas. This is one indication that her company ________. Answer 1 . has a strong culture 2 . has a weak culture 3 . has no culture 4 . must have high turnover 3. An organization's culture affects managers by ________. Answer 1 . providing them with additional decision-making power 2 . restricting them from disciplining certain employees 3 .
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