Management Homework 6 - Chapter 12

Management Homework 6 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Homework 1....

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Chapter 12 Homework 1. The New Human Resources Manager (Scenario) Steve is hired as the manager of the human resources department of a local manufacturing company which is desperately trying to improve its fortunes. This company is unable to retain good employees, who treat it as a stepping stone until they find better opportunities. Employee turnover is high and morale is low. Steve is determined to change the situation and turn the organization's human resources into a competitive advantage and source of pride for the firm. Steve recommends that employees should be compensated according to their competencies, rather than their designations. Employees should be financially rewarded when they gain more knowledge and learn new processes that are relevant to the job, even if the employee is at a lower level. This implies that Steve favors a ________. Answer variable pay system fixed pay system profit-based pay system skill-based pay system 2. Which of the following steps in human resource management helps retain competent and high-performing employees? Answer orientation and selection selecting performance management training 3. Gareth has been promoted as the HR manager. He is now in charge of recruiting at Eowin Systems, and is expected to enhance the diversity of the workforce. Which of the following recruiting sources should Gareth avoid if he is to
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Management Homework 6 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Homework 1....

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