Management Homework 7 – Chapter 4

Management Homework 7 – Chapter 4 -...

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Management Homework 7 – Chapter 4 1. Which of the following demographic characteristics reflects surface-level diversity? Answer differences in values ethnicity personality work preferences 2. Amanda works as a technical support executive at ColoWare Systems. Which of the following factors, if true, could trigger certain stereotypes about Amanda among her co-workers, though not necessarily reflecting the way they feel or think about her? Answer Amanda does not believe in engaging in gossip about her coworkers. Amanda prefers working late every evening to working over the weekend. Amanda has a Swedish mother and an African American father. Amanda tends to dominate discussions among her co-workers. 3. Jeff is an employee with the accounting department at a major shipping service provider in Texas. Soon after he joined following his graduation, his company developed corporate programs to help improve self-confidence and qualifications of diverse employees so they could "fit in." During which period of time did Jeff start working for his employers? Answer
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Management Homework 7 – Chapter 4 -...

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