Management Homework 10 – Chapter 18

Management Homework 10 – Chapter 18 -...

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Management Homework – Chapter 18 1. Kelbitron Valerie is a plant manager at Kelbitron, a company which manufactures and sells air conditioning and heating equipment in the United States and Canada. She measures the performance of the workers every month and compares it with established standards. She uses different approaches to measure the performance of different units in the plant, based on the type of employees and the nature of work. The plant has 32 functional units. Each unit is named Unit-1 to Unit-32 based on their order in the assembly line. Valerie chooses oral reports instead of statistical reports when collecting information for measuring the performance of Unit-27. Unit-27 monitors the flow of the assembly line. Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the decision to choose oral reports? Answer Non-verbal feedback from employees is considered crucial to performance evaluation as it is a better indicator of truth. Studies have shown that managers who use filtered information for making decisions tend to make poor decisions. Subjective factors are important when measuring the performance of employees who perform routine tasks such as working in an assembly line. Extensive information is needed to measure the performance of the unit as it is difficult to quantify the performance.
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Management Homework 10 – Chapter 18 -...

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