Management Homework – Chapter 8

Management Homework – Chapter 8 -...

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Management Homework – Chapter 8 1. Community Newspaper (Scenario) Robert Downs is in the process of setting up a small community newspaper in his home town of Corning, New York. As a first step, he sets the following goal for his company: "To be a champion for free speech and for the development of the community." This goal is to appear clearly on top of every page of the newspaper. Downs wants to formulate a plan that lays out general guidelines for his employees and leaves room for interpretation. Which of the following types of plans would best suit his requirement? Answer informal specific directional standing 2. Most company's goals can be classified as either ________ or ________. Answer strategic; financial operational; tactical social; economic strategic; operational 3. How can managers effectively plan when the external environment is continually changing? Answer They should discontinue formal planning. They should set general, but rigid plans. They should be ready to change directions if environmental conditions warrant. They should continue to follow the set organizational plans as persistence will eventually pay. 4.
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Management Homework – Chapter 8 -...

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