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Shippen Essay Portion of the NOP Midterm Directions : Pick one of the following essays and develop a response in 5-7 full pages, normal margins, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font . All essays should include a thesis statement/argument that guides the entire essay and should not rely heavily on block quotations, but on analysis of quotations . The use of selected quotations are encouraged as you are required to work closely with the texts in order to make and prove your argument, but the art of writing an essay is a delicate balance between using appropriate quotations and providing analysis as to why the quotation is appropriate to use in the first place. Consider the following questions when selecting quotations: Why are you using the quotation? What does it demonstrate/prove? How does it relate to your main argument/thesis statement? You must make the connections for your reader. You must document your essays with proper citation . You must cite anything that is not your own work—please see the University’s policy on academic integrity and plagiarism: to clear up any confusion before you begin writing the paper. Since we are using one reader, you may use the following documentation in the paper-- “Quote…” (Author’s last name page #). --should suffice unless your TA requests a specific citation style. Remember you are making an
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Essay+Portion+of+the+NOP+Midterm - Shippen Essay Portion of...

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