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Reading Presentation Guidelines Each group will give an approximately fve minute presentation to the class about their reading. Each presentation should include the Following: The main idea/argument(s) oF the reading What are the central themes in the reading? A discussion question For the class to talk about Each presentation can include: Answers to any study questions ProF. Shippen shares Current or recent events that relate to the main idea, argument or central themes in the reading Each group is responsible For meeting with their members and coordinating a presentation. Groups can meet in person or online or in a conFerence call; whatever works best For the group.
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Unformatted text preview: IF there are any questions or problems please contact me. Professor Pritchett s Expectations My expectation is that each group will do their best to present each reading. I am expecting eFFort, organization and something the class can take away to better understand the reading your groups presents. I am not expecting you to understand EVERYTHING. It even is okay to share what you did not understand From the reading your presentations; chances are other students did not understand as well. Additional Resources Check out this useFul article From US News on giving presentations: 15 Strategies For Giving Oral Presentations - ProFessors' Guide
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