Horvath Practice Problems 31

Horvath Practice Problems 31 - K P = P c C P d D P a A P b...

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Because of this, K provides a criteria for labeling a reaction as product favored or reactant favored . Product favored reactions are those in which there are more products around than reactants at equilibrium. Thus K> 1 for product favored reactions. Reactant favored reactions are those in which there are more reactants around than products at equilibrium. Thus K< 1 for reactant favored reactions. Sometimes concentrations are not the most convenient value to use for the equilibrium constant. Oneexamp lea
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Unformatted text preview: K P = P c C P d D P a A P b B . Another case where one does not use concentration is when referring to the solvent. Consider the reaction aA + bB cC + H 2 O that takes place in water. Here water is the product and the solvent. In these cases K = [ C ] c [ A ] a [ B ] b , The concentration of water is not used. One also does this when pure substances are used as reactants or produces as products. Consider aA ( aq ) + bB ( s ) cC ( aq ) + dD ( aq ) . Here K = [ C ] c [ D ] d [ A ] a , 30 EQUILIBRIUM AND THE EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT...
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