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Horvath Practice Problems 31

Horvath Practice Problems 31 - K P = P c C P d D P a A P b...

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Because of this, K provides a criteria for labeling a reaction as product favored or reactant favored . Product favored reactions are those in which there are more products around than reactants at equilibrium. Thus K > 1 for product favored reactions. Reactant favored reactions are those in which there are more reactants around than products at equilibrium. Thus K < 1 for reactant favored reactions. Sometimes concentrations are not the most convenient value to use for the equilibrium constant. One example are gas phase reactions. Here partial pressures are used in place of concentrations,
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Unformatted text preview: K P = P c C P d D P a A P b B . Another case where one does not use concentration is when referring to the solvent. Consider the reaction aA + bB ­ cC + H 2 O that takes place in water. Here water is the product and the solvent. In these cases K = [ C ] c [ A ] a [ B ] b , The concentration of water is not used. One also does this when pure substances are used as reactants or produces as products. Consider aA ( aq ) + bB ( s ) ­ cC ( aq ) + dD ( aq ) . Here K = [ C ] c [ D ] d [ A ] a , 30 EQUILIBRIUM AND THE EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT...
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