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Horvath Practice Problems 39

Horvath Practice Problems 39 - Conversely if more product...

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LeChatelier’s Principle One of the most important concepts in equilibrium is LeChate- lier’s principle which describe how systems behave when they are taken out of equilibrium LeChatelier’s principle states that when any factor that deter- mines the equilibrium condition of the system is changed, the system will respond in such a way to counteract and reduce the e f ect of that change. Consider the reaction aA + bB ­ cC + dD, (9.4) at equilibrium. Now consider adding more reactant A or B . Takes the system out of equilibrium to the reactant side of the reaction. LeChatelier’s principle says the system will respond by making more product.
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Unformatted text preview: Conversely if more product is added the system is shifted out of equilibrium to the product side. LeChatelier’s principle says the system will respond by going in reverse to make more reactant. We can capture LeChatelier’s principle mathematically by con-sidering the reaction quotient. At equilibrium Q = K. If reactant is added then the denomi-nator of Q gets bigger and Q < K. This Q < K condition says that the reaction will proceed for-ward. Similarly, if product is added the system the numerator of Q gets better and Q > K. 38 THE REACTION QUOTIENT AND LECHATELIER’S PRINCIPLE...
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