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Horvath Practice Problems 44 - monoprotic acids. Brnstad...

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11 ACIDS AND BASES We are familiar with acids and bases and their reactions from last semester. We will spend the next few lectures looking at acid—base reac- tions in the context of equilibrium Brønstad Acids and Bases Our f rst de f nition of an acid or base is what called the Brønstad- Lowry concept of an acid or base. A Brønstad acid is any compound that can donate a proton A Brønstad base is any compound that can accept a proton Brønstad acids that can donateoneproton
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Unformatted text preview: monoprotic acids. Brnstad acids that can donate more than one proton, like H 2 SO 4 are called polyprotic acids. Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs Within the Brnstad-Lowry concept of an acid or base, an acid base reaction involves the transfer of a proton from the acid to the base, HA + B A + HB (11.1) Here HA in it is the acid and B is the base. ACIDS AND BASES 43...
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