Horvath Practice Problems 45

Horvath Practice Problems 45 - separately, H 2 A + B 2 HA +...

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We could write the reaction in reverse, A +HB ­ HA + B (11.2) Now A isthebaseandHBistheac id . So within the reaction HA and A form a so-called conjugate acid-base pair. Likewise B and HB form a conjugate pair. For conjugate acid base pairs, the stronger one partner is, the weaker the other partner is. So a strong acid has a corresponding weak conjugate base and
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Unformatted text preview: separately, H 2 A + B 2 HA + HB A 2 +H 2 B . Here the conjugate pairs are H 2 A HA HA A 2 HB B 2 H 2 B HB Group Work 1. Give the conjugate partner for (a) HNO 3 (b) H 2 CO 3 (c) HCO 3 (d) NH 3 (e) H 2 O 2. Identify the conjugate acid-base pairs in the following re-actions 44 ACIDS AND BASES...
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