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Horvath Practice Problems 88

Horvath Practice Problems 88 - work done on the system The...

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21 REVIEW OF THE FIRST LAW, ENTHALPY, AND HESS’ LAW Last semester we tackled several ideas from thermodynamics. Now, over the next several lectures, we will complete the pic- ture. But fi rst we need to review the key ideas from the fi rst semester. The First Law of Thermodynamics The fi rst law of thermodynamics is simply a statement of the conservation of energy for a system. In words the fi rst law states that a change in the total energy of a system is equal to the heat taken in by the system plus the
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Unformatted text preview: work done on the system. The f rst law is stated mathematically as 4 E = q + w . (21.1) Energy that enters or leaves a system is classi f ed as either work or heat. As system here means any macroscopic piece of matter such as a beaker of water or an iron bar. Any work, w, done on the system is by convention taken to be a positive quantity Any work done by the system is then negative. REVIEW OF THE FIRST LAW, ENTHALPY, AND HESS’ LAW 87...
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