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Horvath Practice Problems 94 - keep it in mind but it does...

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22 ENTROPY Up to this point our discussion of thermodynamics has focussed on energy (either total energy or else enthalpy). There is an equally important concept in thermodynamics called entropy. A simple way of thinking about entropy is that it provides a measure of disorder in a system. That is, for a given system, higher entropy means the system is disordered whereas low entropy means the system is ordered. This is idea of disorder is a good one and we should always
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Unformatted text preview: keep it in mind but it does not capture all of the sublties about entropy Microstates and Con f gurations One can get a feel for entropy by considering the possible arrangements of the molecules in a system. This requires a few de f nitions. Ensemble : The collections of molecules in a macroscopic sys-tem Microstate : One single arrangement of the ensemble Con f guration : Collection of indistinguishable microstates. Given the symbol W ENTROPY 93...
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