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Horvath Practice Problems 96 - tem. If this happens,...

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23 THE SECOND AND THIRD LAWS Entropy forms the basis for the second and third laws of ther- modynamics. The mathematical statement of the second is for any sponta- neous process T 4 S q. (23.1) For isolated systems in which no heat energy can be exchanged with the environment T 4 S 0 4 S 0 . (23.2) This leads to the important result that 4 S universe = 4 S sys + 4 S env 0 (23.3) That is for every event the entropy of the universe increases. Nowitisimportanttorea l izethat 4 S sys neednotbegreater
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Unformatted text preview: tem. If this happens, however, the change in entropy of the environ-ment must be positive and outweigh that of the system. The statement of the third law is a little beyond what we are able to handle so we shall only consider the consequence of this mathematical statement. The third law puts entropy on an absolute scale like tempera-ture. This is in contrast to energy which can not be put on an ab-solute scale so only energy di f erences have meaning. THE SECOND AND THIRD LAWS 95...
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