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24 GIBBS FREE ENERGY We have now dealt with the two processes that drive all the processes of nature including chemical reactions: Energy and Entropy. In most situations it is most convenient to use enthalpy as our energy. Nature wants to minimize enthalpy Nature also wants to maximize entropy Often these driving factors are in opposition and nature must adopt some compromise between minimizing enthalpy and max- imizing energy. For example consider water at room temperature and pressure.
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Unformatted text preview: If only enthalpy was a factor than the water would be in the solid state. Conversely, if only entropy was a factor, the water would be a vapor. Since both factors contribute to the f nal state of water, it turns out that water is a liquid under these conditions. The Second Law If we consider the second law T 4 S ≥ q. Now, for this course we are taking enthalpy to be heat energy (later in your career you will be more careful about this). GIBBS FREE ENERGY 99...
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