Horvath Practice Problems 116

Horvath Practice Problems 116 - For the Daniell cell we get...

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For the Daniell cell we get: left (oxidation) Zn Zn 2+ +2 e red. pot.!! z }| { ε ° Zn 2+ | Zn 0 . 763 V right (reduction) Cu 2+ +2 e Cu ε ° Cu 2+ | Cu 0.337 V cell reaction Zn(s) + Cu 2+ (aq) Cu(s) + Zn 2+ ε ° cell 1.100 V Group Work 1. To get a redox to go in reverse one must apply an oppos- ing voltage in excess of the cell potential. This is how a battery recharger works. What voltage would need to be applied to a Daniel cell to “recharge” it.
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