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Horvath Practice Problems 126

Horvath Practice Problems 126 - — Bent Two bonds two lone...

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Trigonal-bipyramidal : Five bonds or lone pairs Octahedral : Six bonds or lone pairs Once the molecule has been assigned its electronic geometry, it then gets assigned its molecular geometry . Molecular Geometries (electronic geometry in bold, molecular in italic) Linear Linear : Two bonds, no lone pairs. Trigonal planar Trigonal planar : Three bonds, no lone pairs. Bent : Two bonds, one lone pair. Tetrahedral Tetrahedral : Four bonds, no lone pairs. Trigonal Pyramidal : Three bonds, one lone pair.
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Unformatted text preview: — Bent : Two bonds, two lone pairs. • Trigonal-bipyramidal — Trigonal-bipyramidal : Five bonds, no lone pairs. — Seesaw : Four bonds, one lone pair. — T-shaped : Three bonds, two lone pairs. — Linear : Two bonds, Three lone pairs. • Octahedral — Octahedral : Six bonds, no lone pairs. — Square-pryamidal : Five bonds, one lone pair. — Square-planar : Four bonds, two lone pairs. REVIEW OF MOLECULAR GEOMETRY 125...
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