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Horvath Practice Problems 132

Horvath Practice Problems 132 - interaction length F ∝ 1...

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Figure 3 Figure 4 The Van der Waals Forces Even when ions are not present one still sees intermolecular forces. These forces are called Van der Waals forces. The Van der Waals forces are weaker than the coulombic forces. They also have a shorter interaction length dipole—dipole: The strongest of the Van der Waals forces with the longest
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Unformatted text preview: interaction length, F ∝ 1 r 4 (33.4) dipole—induced dipole: When a molecule has a permanent dipole, that dipole creates an electric f eld that neighboring molecule feel. Consequently, an induced dipole can be created in the neigh-boring dipole. As you might expect these forces are weaker INTERMOLECULAR FORCES 131...
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