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Horvath Practice Problems 136

Horvath Practice Problems 136 - strong physical interaction...

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34 HYDROGEN BONDING AND WATER Last time we discussed intermolecular forces. There is one very important and special type of intermolecular force that we did not mention: hydrogen bonding . Hydrogen bonding can occur in between some molecules that contain hydrogen. If a hydrogen is bonded to an oxygen, nitrogen or fl uorine atom in one molecule, it can hydrogen bond to an oxygen, nitrogen or fl uorine atom in another molecule. A hydrogen bond can be thought of as either an exceptionally
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Unformatted text preview: strong physical interaction or a very weak chemical bond. Molecules that have a hydrogen bonded to an oxygen, nitrogen or f uorine atom can be hydrogen bond donors and acceptors. Molecules that have an oxygen, nitrogen or f uorine atom but no hydrogen attached to it can only be hydrogen bond acceptors. Figure 1 HYDROGEN BONDING AND WATER 135...
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