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Horvath Practice Problems 142 - in non-polar solvents...

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36 HOMOGENEOUS SOLUTIONS Homogeneous solutions are homogeneous mixtures of a solute in a solvent. There are several types of solutions based the nature of the solute liquid-solid liquid-liquid liquid-gas Whether or not a particular solute dissolves in a particular solvent is determined by the intermolecular forces between the molecules. The phrase “like dissolves like” captures the determining fac- tors in the dissolution process. Polar solutes dissolve more readily in polar solvents than
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Unformatted text preview: in non-polar solvents Non-polar solutes dissolve more readily in non-polar sol-vents than in polar solvents. Liquid-solid solutions The speci f c factors involved in the dissolution of a solid in a solvent are breaking the lattice structure of the solid the energy of interaction between the solute and solvent molecules HOMOGENEOUS SOLUTIONS 141...
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