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Horvath Practice Problems 147 - We expect the mole fraction...

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This relation is called Henry’s law and is X i = k i P i (37.1) where X i is the mole fraction of the solute, P i is the partial pressure and k i is the Henry’s law constant. Henry’s law is related to LeChatelier’s principle. If we consider the equilibrium establishing in the closed con- tainer, we have solute solution ­ solute vapor If we where to increase the partial pressure of the solute in the vapor phase we would expect, by LeChatelier’s principle, that the reaction above would go in the reverse direction.
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Unformatted text preview: We expect the mole fraction to go up. If we look at Henry’s law, increasing the partial pressure makes the mole increase. Raoult’s Law Another relationship between the vapor phase partial pressures and the solution exist for the solvent. According to Raoult’s law the partial pressure of the solvent in the vapor phase above the solution is P s = X s P • s , 146 PROPERTIES OF SOLUTIONS...
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