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where P s is the vapor pressure , i.e, the partial pressure above pure solvent. Deviations from Raoult’s Law Raoult’s law is a purely statistical law. It does not require any kind of interaction among the constituent particle making up the solution. Since, in reality, there are speci f c interactions between parti- cles, real solutions generally deviate from Raoult’s law. The physical interpretation of deviation from Raoult’s law is positive deviation: the molecules prefer to be around themselves rather than other types of molecules.
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Unformatted text preview: negative deviation: the molecules prefer to be around other types of molecules than themselves. • no deviation: the molecules have no preference. Positive deviation from Raoult’s law Negative deviation from Raoult’s law Colligative properties Interestingly, certain physical properties always change the same way as a small amount of solute is added to a solvent. The properties that do this are called colligative properties. We will only discuss boiling point and freezing point. PROPERTIES OF SOLUTIONS 147...
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