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When a small amount of solute is added to a solvent the boiling point is always initially elevated. This phenomenon is called boiling point elevation . Eventually as more solute is added the boiling point might decrease depending on the nature of the solute. The initial boiling elevation, however, is independent of the nature of the solute. As similar phenomenon occurs for freezing points. But, in this case, the freezing point is lowered when a small amount of solute is added. This is called freezing point depression . Again, as more solute is added the freezing point might begin to increase. Group Work 1. What are the units on Henry’s law constant?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Sometimes Henrys law is expressed in terms of concen-tration, [ i ] = k i P i , now what would the units of Henrys law constant be? 3. For liquidliquid mixtures it is not always clear what the solute is and what the solvent is. As one liquid moves from a high mole fraction to a low mole fraction, we would expect the liquid to f rst obey Raoults law than to obey Henrys law. What must be true for about the relation between the vapor pressure and the Henrys law constant for the liquid to obey both laws at all mole fractions? 148 PROPERTIES OF SOLUTIONS...
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