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Final Presentation guide lines 1. Select a firm that is associated with Wall Street. 2. Find out the Firms last 3 months or a years stock report. Make sure you have graphs to see the 3 months or a year result. Explain why the company’s stock’s is up or down. 3. Explain the company’s product. 4. What kind of technology does the company use? 5. Is this a good company to invest? Explain if it’s good or bad. 6. You only have 20 min. to 25 min. to get your presentation done. 7. Dress up for your presentation 8. Avoid reading from papers or cards.
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Unformatted text preview: I need a one page summary of your presentation by November 1, 2010 before 5:30pm Turn the summary in the G drive in the folder called Final_Presentaion_summary_110110 Save your files as groupFPS#. I need your group final PowerPoint presentation submitted in the G drive in the folder called Final_PowerPoint_111710 by November 17, 2010 before 5:30pm . Save your files as groupFPP#. You need a cover page: Group number Final Presentation Date you are giving your presentation Title By List all the names in your group....
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