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Patrick Hill Mr. Cruez MIS 235 18 October 2010 Pivot Table Exercises 1. The daily total new deposit amount can be seen in worksheet Q1 in hillpa_PivotExc.xlsx file. The grand total for all the deposits is $6,535,772.00. 2. Friday is the day of the week which has the highest deposit amount with $1,645,649.00 deposit amount. 3. To view the breakdown of the number of accounts opened in each region by account type can
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Unformatted text preview: be seen in worksheet Q3 in hillpa_PivotExc.xlsx file. The central region opened 362 accounts, the North County opened 197 accounts, and the Westside opened 153 accounts. 4. The accounts that tellers most often open are checking accounts, tellers have opened 99 checking accounts. 5. The central branch tellers open the most checking accounts for new customers by opening 23 checking accounts....
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  • Fall '08
  • Cheque, Patrick Hill, Pivot Table Exercises, total new deposit, central branch tellers, hillpa_PivotExc.xlsx file

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