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Art Images Powerpoint 7 - Centaur from Lefkandi Euboea c...

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Centaur, from Lefkandi, Euboea c. 925-900 BCE, Terracotta, 14” high Goddesses or Female Worshippers, from Greece, Helladic (Mycenaean) Period, c. 1400- 1200 BCE, Terracotta, 2.5” H Funerary Krater from Dipylon Cemetery, Athens, c. 750-700 BCE , 42 1⁄2” Geometric Period This provides a detailed pictorial record of funerary rituals-including the relatively new Greek practice of cremation-associated with the important person whose death is commemorated by this work.
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On the top register, the body of the deceased is depicted laying on its side atop a funeral bier, about to be cremated. Male and female figures stand on each side of the body, their arms raised and both hands placed on top of their heads in a gesture of anguish, as if these mourners were literally tearing their hair out with grief. In the register underneath, horse-drawn chariots and footsoldiers, who look like walking shields with tiny antlike heads and muscular legs, move in solemn procession. Geometric shapes are used to represent human figures-triangles for torsos and heads, round dots for eyes, long thin rectangles for arms. The artist really showed the sadness of someone dying because unlike ancient Egyptians ancient Greeks entered a place of mystery. Hero and Centaur, c. 750 BCE Bronze, 4 1⁄2” high Geometric Period The two figures confront each other after after the man-perhaps Herakles-has stabbed the centaur; the spearhead is visible on the centaur’s left side. The sculptor has distilled the body parts of the figures to elemental geometric
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Art Images Powerpoint 7 - Centaur from Lefkandi Euboea c...

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