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ITS201 Final Exam - Africa Geographical Characteristics of...

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Africa Geographical Characteristics of Africa- Zones. . [Sahara-Arid] [Sahel-Semi Arid] [Tropics-Rainforests] [Temperate zone] Sahel - Grasslands and Savannas… Borders the Sahara and the Tropics ITCZ- Inter-tropical convergence zone…Regulates weather Cultural Characteristics of North vs South Africa- Northern Africa is influenced by Middle Eastern Culture: Islamization- Arabic language, culture, and dress. Southern Africa- Dominated by Christianity & Animism [Ancestral Worship-Worship Spirits]… Dominated by Bantu Culture-Middle East Culture did not spread Economic Characteristics of Africa - Northern Africa & Southern Africa have relatively good GNI [North trades with Europe, South has a mixed economy.]…Most countries in Africa have very low GNI [less then $785]… they have a reliance on primary products [Agriculture, Ranching, Comprehensive Peace Agreement- 2004 A power sharing agreement in Sudan, southern Sudan was given more positions in the military/government, the South could also create its own government, and in 2012 the South could have a ‘yes/no’ vote for independence. Genocide definition (Article)- Four elements of genocide- An attempt to destroy, a perpetrator, a group, and an intent. Hutu- Everybody not in the elite class [Poor]… Hutu revolution- gained control of government from Tutsis, once Belgium left. Problems in Hutu Rwanda- [Land Issues]- Competition for scarce land, only 60% of land is arable and 50% of the land is owned by 15% They were also using the good land to grow cash crops such as coffee and not producing food which means food was imported [Drought]- Caused low coffee production - no money for importing food [Government tension]- Because of the Debt After the Tutsi’s tried to gain control back, hard-line Hutu’s shot down the Hutu president’s plane, then blamed it on the Tutsis. Tutsi- Wealthy, economic ties… Though they were the minority, they were given control by Belgium. Once the Hutu’s took control, Tutsis fled for fear of what Hutus would do. Rwandan Patriotic Front- Tutsi refugees created the RPF to overtake Rwanda once more. Arusha Accords- A power sharing agreement between the RPF and the Rwandan government. The right for Tutsi refugees to return. Which areas of Africa have higher GDPs or GNIs and why? (MAP 68)- Northern Africa- because it has the ability to trade with Europe. Southern Africa- because it has a mixed economy and a favorable climate. …. . Gabon- because of its oil How did colonialism contribute to the violence in Sudan, Rwanda, and DRC?- . Sudan: Sudan’s colonial controller was Britain. When Britain left, they divided Sudan into North Sudan & South Sudan based on ethnicity and culture. North Sudan was Islamic Arabs and closer to Britain, where as the South was Black Africans and followed Animism religiously. Britain privileged trade in the North and allowed the Northern Arabs to control the Southern economy. When Sudan got independence the north got control.
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ITS201 Final Exam - Africa Geographical Characteristics of...

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