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BUS101 notes 1/20/09 internet is NOT a trust worthy source of information nothing is private careful about what say to others protect your identity on the Net business have changed: business protecting selfs use data to forcast mortage meltdown fallout: banks holding on to their money growing wealth companies now operating on 24/7 basis economic aid/sanctions internet speeds the dissemination of information worldwide increasing numbers of imports and exports across national borders multinational companies are common place challenges to maintaining global competitiveness: international terrorism shift to a global information economy aging world population improved quality and customer service enhanced competitiveness of every country’ workforce more diversity in the workforce how can businesses respond 1/22/09 format of a memo: executive summary discussion (bullet points) arguments conclusion short two or three sentences per paragraph core stakeholder: a group or individual who has ownership rights or legal rights
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Other groups may have an interest or moral right but not power to influence a decision Effective Stakeholder Management Skills: Acknowledge, Monitor, Listen, Communicate, Adopt, Recognize, Work, Avoid, Acknowledge conflicts Single space paragraphs, black lines between paragraphs 1/27/09 failures in financial reporting: -creative accounting outside the rules -manipulating the effects on earnings -efforts to conceal data from analysts and investors regarding failures to meet financial
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BUS101classnotes - BUS101 notes internet is NOT a trust...

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