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Assignment: Google Challenge Course Name/Section: BUS101 Mike Mesrobian January 19, 2009 After searching my name on Google, I am confident that there is little room for misidentification on the internet. The majority of the returns on the search were related to my wrestling career. I also encountered pages related to my cross country and musical experiences in high school. Digging much deeper, I discovered that Michael Mesrobian was also a writer famous for his series of novels about a gay man who was a hairdresser by day and a detective by night.
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Unformatted text preview: Information on the internet is unreliable because there is a lack of accountability for what users post. Since nothing is stopping people from posting lies online, nothing on the internet is unquestionably true. Individual pages my demonstrate their credibility, but only pages that are prominent with their credentials are trustworthy. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone on the internet. Again, the lack of accountability means not everything on Wikipedia can be trusted....
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