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CLS 121 Study Guide - Primary Texts: Metamorphoses (Ovid)...

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Unformatted text preview: Primary Texts: Metamorphoses (Ovid) Theme : centers on idea of bodies changed Instead of an anthology of separate myths, the narrative links each story together which reflects the idea of transformation. Theme of change is different than Hesiods theme of order Story of Creation Universe is in state of perpetual flux Everything changes like in myths (from human to animal and other forms--- Troy transformed into Rome) Changes centers on one direction: chaos to order Universe is divided into zones just like Rome separated into wards (boundaries between social classes, and territories---including gods) Comic Tone Ovid is poking fun at Augustus, equating him with Jupiter and satirizes the pretentiousness of the Augustan court Augustus imposed moral restraints against self-indulging patrician class--- Augustus actually embarrassed because daughter (Julia) broke laws of adultery and forced to ban her. Mocks the stories of the gods---brings myth down to level of ordinary experience Echo and Narcissus Echo, a woman who was so dependent that she could not begin or end a conversation on her own---punished by Juno for role in Joves adultery Narcissus, handsome young man who was so self absorbed he could not relate anything to another human being Echo falls in love with Narcissus---woman who cannot express what is inside coupled with man who cannot respond to anything outside himself Narcissus rejects Echo because of his lack of capacity for love---Echo reduced to disembodied voice Narcissus falls in love with reflection in pond---disembodied and turns into watery image of himself on ponds surface until nothing is left but flower that bears his name The Golden Age Discusses the tension between fear of chaos and the fear of law Ovid experienced how fearful the law could be still feared disorder more Onset of the republic The Nightmare World Nostalgic impulse from Golden Age (the republic) is short lived World moves to nightmarish world of lust, rape, betrayal, and revenge Parallel between Augustus and Jupiter are more apparent---Augustan state turns into nightmarish world Only escape is through transformation into less-than-human state (tree, statue, etc) Perseus Compulsion towards immobility (transformation of Andromedas suitors to stone---suitors tears frozen on faces for eternity Theme is to preserve Greek myth for eternity Apollo and Daphne Not even gods are exempt from pitfalls and failures of love Apollo burns with love (from Cupids arrow) for Daphne who rejects all men and marriage---her father turns her into a river god, a laurel tree, and why laurel trees are loyal to Apollo---why Greeks wear laurel crowns Portrays the god (Apollo) who Augustus admires, as ridiculous Orpheus and Eurydice Orpheus and Eurydice fail to fulfill their love because of forces beyond anyones control Eurydice bitten by Medusas snake and dies---Orpheus descends into...
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CLS 121 Study Guide - Primary Texts: Metamorphoses (Ovid)...

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