DSC 205 Final Exam Study Guide

DSC 205 Final Exam Study Guide - Chapter 1 Intro to...

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Chapter 1 Intro to Business Statistics 1.1 Population and Samples Population Variable Measurement Value Observations Census Sample Sample Data Descriptive Statistics Statistical Inference 1.2 Sampling a Population of Existing Units Random Selection Random Number Table Random Sample Sampling With/Without Replacement Frame Systematic Sample Voluntary Response Sample 1.3 Sampling a Process Finite Population Infinite Population Statistical Control Runs Plot Predictable Process Performance Process Capability Statistical Process for making a Statistical Inference (six steps) Chapter 2 Descriptive Statistics 2.1 Describing the Shape of a Distribution Stem-and-Leaf Display (4 steps) Symmetry Creating Frequency Distribution and Histograms (7 steps) Class Number of classes - k F ORMULA Frequency Class Length F ORMULA Class Limits Class Boundaries F ORMULA Class Midpoints Frequency Distribution/Histogram Relative Freq Distribution/Histogram Area under Histogram Population Shapes Curve Bell-Shaped Curve Normal Curve Height of a Curve at a Point Skewed Curves Outliers 2.2 Describing Central Tendency Central Tendency Population Size N Population Parameter Population Mean μ F ORMULA Point Estimate Sample Statistic Sample Size n Sample Mean ̅ X F ORMULA Median M d Mode M o Bi-Modal, Multi-Modal Resistant-to vs. affected-by extreme values Sample Mean for Grouped Data F ORMULA 2.3 Measures of Variation Range F ORMULA Population Parameters Variance σ 2 and Standard Deviation σ F ORMULAS Sample Statistics Variance s 2 and Standard Deviation s F ORMULAS Empirical Rule Requirements (when can/can’t use) % within 1, 2, 3 Std Dev of Mean
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DSC 205 Final Exam Study Guide - Chapter 1 Intro to...

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