HST 121 Exam 1 IDs

HST 121 Exam 1 IDs - Linear B(17th century Greek based...

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Linear B (17 th century) Greek based language Significance: an early form of the Greek language; tablets reveal the organization of government and kept detailed records (typical of the East) Minoan Crete (fall in 15 th century) Greeks Dominant economic power; Linear A &B; polytheistic Bronze Age Significance: writing style comes from Phoenicians and goes north Thera (13 th century) Volcano eruption recorded during time of Minoans Significance: marks the fall of Minoans; before they can rebuild they are conquered by Greeks Mycenaean’s (fall in 12 th century) Located near Athens; military culture Use of bull tells of Minoan influence Significance: dominated because of their sword (change from thrust sword to slash sword)---didn’t have to be as close and was double edged. Bridge civilization - Civilizations that serve as bridges from Ancient East to Greece Significance: Cultural aspects are transferred to Greece from East Polis (8 th century) The organization of city states around Greece; organization of peoples Legal equality for wealthy males (citizens)---although it changed Significance: served as trading centers, honored certain gods; certain poleis (Athens and Sparta) dominated and spread their particular ideals through society; preserved Greek ideals (culture) which modeled its citizens Homer (8 th century) Author of Iliad and Odyssey Significance: Works describe government (consult nobles), society (classes), values (courage, honor) Tyrants (8 th -6 th century) A monarch who gained power in an unorthodox manner who’s rule would benefit the majority of the polis; often had military power
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HST 121 Exam 1 IDs - Linear B(17th century Greek based...

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