his121lecture15 - Lecture #15 - The Decline (Part III)...

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Lecture #15 ---- “The Decline” (Part III) History 121 10/20/08 topics: - The Germanic newcomers arrive and eventually take over the West Terminology - Barbarians or Germanic peoples? Goths? - Invasion or “Great migration” o Not sure where they came from Early Culture - sources for early cultures? o Written sources from Romans Best was Tacitus (98 C.E.) - they were migratory people o hunter/gatherers o minor, simple agriculture o moved a lot, when land is not feeding them sufficiently - “tribal” organization o some military elite who decide to go to more populated/more food and fight or less populated/less food and no fight o leader is not authoritarian, limited decision making ability o justice givers, “arbiters” - polytheistic o sacrifice to gods o gods related to nature o roughly same to Romans in system and message - non-Roman aspects o non-literate – no concept of writing developed o non -urban – no concept of cities or staying in one place o no concept of “State”, created law, or changeable law
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his121lecture15 - Lecture #15 - The Decline (Part III)...

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