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hist121exam2studyguide - History 121 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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History 121 Exam 2 Study Guide Etruscans: Clientage system: where the lower class worked for the upper class, farmed their land, fight, political support. in Rome, huge for Rome, funneled power into the top, upper class clients of upper class Twelve Tables: the first codified law system of Rome, early Rome, allows plebians to be in the assembly, first time with political rights/power but very limited power Carthage: fought against Rome in the 3 rd century BCE, was around North Africa and Spain, rebellion got conquered by Rome, first time had overseas territory, gave unprecedented power to governors The Gracchi: two brothers schemed to overthrow senate and redistribute land to the poor, each had a “riot” in which they were assassinated, underlined what was wrong with the public, show its insecurity Spartacus: Cicero: big literary figure, had Calliste executed, promoted decentralizing government Roman Engeneeering: ties to Hellenistic culture, ability to build infastructure through roads, aquaducts, etc. lead to well organized empire Optimates: people who supported the traditional role of the senate (the best men), not
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