hist121finalterms - in that area. Nobles aren’t...

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Clovis Einhard- bio of Charlemagne Charlemagne Cpitularies Aachen Strasbourg Oath/Treaty of Verdun: 842-3, King Charlemagne had died so a Civil War started dividing the kingdom into 3 equal parts, treay of Verdun solidifies the territories of France Germany and Italy hich become the three major languages of Euorpe, treaty is written in all 3 languages, Latin is no longer an alive language which leads to a lack of communication, start feelings of nationalism though languages. Alcuin Reconquista Courly Love literarture Scholasticism Gothic architecture Heloise:stupid story, insight into courtly love Abelard: same thing Thomas Aquinas Investiture Struggle Legate: delegate of papacy for the pope, go around and check on bishops to make sure power isn’t abused. An example of the extension of power of papacy, 1100 Concordat of Worms Canon law: William the Conqueror Justices in eyre: 1100-1135, Henry I William the Conqueror’s grandson, has to do with feudal system, give lands to trustworthy person to look after it and be his representative
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Unformatted text preview: in that area. Nobles aren’t necessarily loyal to him because their great grandfathers got land from old king…loyalty more relevant in past. Henry I creates loyalty through justice, appoints justices to go throughout the countryside to hear cases and create consistency in decisions. Presence felt all over countryx Common Law Henry II Magna Carta Lords and Commons Philip II of France Black Death Boccaccio Flagellants Peasants’ Revolt Chivalry Heraldry: essentially lineage Dante 100 Years’ War Avignonese Papacy/Great Schism Conciliar movement John Huss/John Wycliffe Humanism Leonardo da Vinci Don’t need about battles….etc. wants to know: what is the outcome, and what are the effects of the outcome. Say why war started (france and England constantly fighting over same territories) war goes on and on, king england has to pay money to support the war. Goes to parliament, nobles give him money to fight war, nobles then have power because king needs them....
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hist121finalterms - in that area. Nobles aren’t...

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