hist121lecture13 - Lecture #13 -The Decline (Pt. 1)...

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Lecture #13 ----The Decline (Pt. 1) 10/13/08 History121 -What problems were resovable? -Periodization: “classical” world of Augustus turns into the Three Worlds of the Middle Ages -Edward Gibbon - wrote The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire published in 1776 - places the “fall” of Roman Empire in 476 CE (last person sat on throne in Italy) o Christians focused on next life, not present problems o Illiterate barbarians influence o What made Rome what it was? -Succession and Augustus’ compromise - Powers granted to Augustus, not to office, never addresses who next first citizen would be - In will, Augustus has read to Senate that Tiberius should succeed him. Augustus said he trained him, etc. - Determined that successor should be in family - Successor also received same powers as previous first citizen -Succession Problems during the Pax Romana - Next four “emperors” o Tiberius (14-37) In will, advises Senate to let Caligula (young man) and a child Child was smothered by Caligula o Caligula (37-41) Claimed reincarnation of Jupiter Lead a disaster war Excuse to impregnate sister Tried to eat fetus just like Jupiter Raced a horse, lost, named the horse a senator
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hist121lecture13 - Lecture #13 -The Decline (Pt. 1)...

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