hist121lecture14 - Lecture#14-The Decline Part II History...

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Lecture #14----“The Decline” Part II History 121 10/15/08 topics: Religion of the Empire Early Christianity and its relationship to Rome - General Religion: - - Polytheism can tolerate other religions - Roman Gods + a lot of others in Rome - many Roman gods tied to the well-being of the state - worship is public worship - sacrificed animals to pacify gods and communicate with them (omens) - very few professional priests, duty of respectable leaders (ie heads of families) to lead religious ceremonies - polytheistic religions did not deal with ethics - ties between government and gods very strong - Augustus deified o As time went on more deification of emperors, some even while they’re alive o Had to worship certain gods that were patron saints of Rome, obligated to worship them or risk their wrath Oriental Mystery Religions - Religions came form East of Greece - Some secret knowledge related to gods that was only given to members of religion - Different sense of community - Bacchus o Cult religion, if initiated become part of that world o Also known as Dionaysian (sp?) worship o Lots of drunken orgies - Mithras cult o Came from at least Persia possibly India o Lots of bullfighting and bull sacrificing as part of worship o Attracted army members in particular o Entirely male religion - Isis o Most popular cult o Based on the Egyptian god (Osiris’ sister)
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hist121lecture14 - Lecture#14-The Decline Part II History...

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