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Lecture #18 --- Islam continued: the Three Worlds of the Middle Ages History 121 10/29/08 Islam: the 3 rd Monotheism - all believed in the same god (Jews, Christians, Muslims) - Christmas date chosen, given meaning to an old (pagan) religious habit and wiped out the pagan meaning to the day - Muhammad bans the representation of God in any form, human or animal, direct response to Christians - Muhammad revelation a “purifying” revelation, clearest sense of truth after Jews and Christians - Believed bible, old testament “corrupted by the failure”, does not keep them when begins lessons that end up as the Koran Conquest to 733 - out of Arabia, conquered Persian empire, then Byzantine, North Africa up to Spain Government - placed government in urban centers - used Byzantine coinage, re-minted but used same concept - used civil servants(?) - Roman law replaced - Succession of leadership o Four Pious Caliphs and Ali o Ali Muhammad’s son in law, married to daughter Fatima
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Unformatted text preview: -Qu’ran and the Sunna o Shiites, caliph should come from family o Sunni-Umayyad Caliphate (661-750) -- Sunni o Conquest o Conversion process – tax exemptions and other benefits for converting o Polytheism is banned, people of the book (Christians and Jews also some Persian religions that Muhammad admired) become accepted-Abbasid Caliphate (750-1238) –Shi’ite o Move capitol, where imam sat, to Baghdad o Cultural synthesis of Islam, Hellenistic, and Persian heritages Summary of 3 rd heir of Rome-cultural heir-keep alive texts lost in the West-continues same cities, commerce, universal language and religion (different ones though When does the ancient world end and become medieval?-476? Last emperor Gibbon-Pirenne believed that the world changes because of the economy, believed Rome survived to 750….many believe his evidenced is flawed-Today many think the economy died in the 3 rd century...
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