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Study Guide for Modern Chinese History Test #1 What to Prepare For You will be asked a version of one of the following four questions. As you prepare your outlines for each be sure to answer the question or questions asked. Develop a clear thesis statement. Incorporate appropriate terms from the list and be sure to explain them in the essay. I will look carefully at the number and accuracy of your use of these terms. Also see which of the primary documents you read are relevant and how you could include them. How was and was not the Qing a social and political order rooted in older Chinese traditions? At the same time the Qing was also anything but static. Discuss the changes that took place during the Qing up to the early nineteenth century. How were the traditions and changes in conflict with one another? The Taiping Rebellion was cataclysmic event in Chinese history.
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Unformatted text preview: Broadly discuss the rebellions origins and consequences. Explain why it was such a dangerous rebellion? • Through the 19 th century China was engaged in a series of conflicts with the Imperialists powers. In some of these the Qing state figured prominently, in others the Chinese people themselves were important actors. What was at the heart of these conflicts? Use concrete examples to make your case. • Discuss the Qing reform movements that began in the last half of 19 th century. What were the causes and consequences of these reform efforts? In what way were the successful or unsuccessful and why? Suggestions #1: Read the recommendations I give you in “How to Prepare for the Test” at the Blackboard website in the Tutorial folder. #2: Review the “GENERAL EVALUATION RUBRIC FOR COLLEGE ESSAYS & PAPERS” I placed on the blackboard website....
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