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HST 354 Test II IDs - Wen Yiduo “Dead Water” Soong...

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Terms for Modern Chinese History, Part II The First Decade of the Twentieth Century Reform Fever Nationalist Sentiment Manchu Educational Reform Manchu Military Reform Yuan Shikai Manchu Constitutional Reform Anti-Manchu Revolutionary Movement San Yat-sen The 1911 Revolution The Early Republic, Warlord Period, May 4 th Movement The Three Principles The Nationalist Party (GMD) The “Second Revolution” Yuan Shikai Militarization Warlord Period cliques 21 Demands Wilsonianism Washington Conference Versailles Treaty Beijing University Lu Xun May 4 th Movement New Culture Movement baihua “new” as keyword Cai Yuanpei Hu Shi Communism and CCP Chiang Kai-Shek Nanjing Decade Shanghai New Youth Chen Duxiu How to Make a Revolution Gregory Voitinsky Li Dazhao University of Beijing (Peking) Comintern Marxism
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Leninism and “democratic centralism” Bolshevik Revolution Whampoa Academy Liao Zhongkai and Wang Jingwei Dai Jitao May 30 th 1925 The National Revolutionary Army (NRA) The Northern Expedition The White Terror Green Gang The Nanjing Decade
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Unformatted text preview: Wen Yiduo “Dead Water” Soong Meiling Residual Warlordism Blue Shirts “people’s milita unites” Dai Li and the “Special Services” New Life Movement “sloganized Confucianism” 95 Rules Central Club and other factions Lao She, Camel Xiangsi (Rickshaw ) Rebirth of the Revolution Mao Zedong Li Lisan Qin Bangxian (aka Bo Gu) Chen Shaoyo (aka Wang Ming) Zhu De Zhou Enlai 28 Bolsheviks Jiangxi Soviet Futian Incident The Land Law of the Soviet Republic 1931 Marriage Law The Long March The Three Year War Yan’an Shaanxi Province Sino-Japanese War Manchuria Manchukuo Zhang Zoulin and his son Manchurian Incident Puyi Chinese boycott “Teach the Chinese a Lesson” 19 th Northern Army National Salvation Association Xi’an Incident United Front Marco Polo Bridge Nanjing Massacre 1938 Yellow Dyke blasted PLA Pacification tactics of Japanese Burma Road Ichigo Chongqing Rectification Campaigns Inflation Corruption of GMD...
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